As solopreneurs, we know it’s important to take advantage of holidays or special occasions to reinforce customer loyalty and gain new customers. The problem is that we just cannot afford to send our wonderful customers extravagant gift baskets, much as we might want to. So how else do we garner attention while staying within a budget?

Here are some ideas:

  • Customize Where You Can

Studies show that websites, blogs and social media get more attention when images are used.  Take advantage of this by making sure you dress up your logo or content with holiday-related images.  Sites like Twitter offer backgrounds you can create or customize.  If you are graphic savvy, enhance your logo with sprigs of holly.

  • Make a Video

Create a holiday-themed video for YouTube.  Videos are an increasingly popular way to get noticed and shared.  Get dressed up or dress up your products in a way that will attract new customers. Don’t be afraid to have some fun.  As long as you keep it tasteful, giving the gift of a smile or chuckle can go a very long way.

  • Count Down

Offer a special on your product or service and change it up every day or so. Try doing a count down to December 25th that will feature something new. The special doesn’t have to be expensive. The goal is to build a bit of interest and perhaps excitement as people wait to see what your next offering will be. Invite your customer to share you messages.

  • Wear Your Brand

If you attend holiday gatherings and networking events, wear something that combines your logo with a holiday item. Make sure you wear it to each event you attend.

  • Get Customer Participation

Ask your customers to share a holiday story about a special gift or family ritual that means something to them.  You could post their story and have other followers vote of the best one or simply give a special gift or prize to those stories you publish.  Ask them to send a photo or illustration along with their story for added interest.

  • Provide Tips

Put together a Holiday Survival Guide. Give tips for entertaining, table setting, being a great host and so on.  Put a bit of humour in it by telling little stories that illustrate your points.  These free pieces of advice are welcomed and get you remembered.

  • Cookie Exchange

Ask customers to share their favourite cookie recipe in a virtual cookie exchange.  Ask for feedback from those who might have tried the recipe.  You can even do this after the holidays, when the cookies have been consumed.  Give a discount or special offer to the person who gets awarded the most stars or whose recipe gets the best reviews.

  • Say Thank You

Use your newsletter or social media to thank your customers for their support over the previous year to let them know how much they are appreciated.  Don’t go overboard but make it a personal wish for the holidays from you to them.  And if you do send the snail mail version of a holiday greeting card, make sure you sign each and every one, perhaps adding a personal note if possible.

Successful holiday campaigns take planning.  At Make It Happen Services, we specialize in helping solopreneurs map out holiday marketing that gets results.


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