Congratulations – you wrote a book.  After all, you are a subject matter expert.  You put all that knowledge together and worked really hard until you completed it.  You are going to self publish.

The only questions is: how?

  • Your Website

If you don’t already have one, get one!  You are going to be using various tools to promote your book so you need a place to drive people to so they can order it.  Pepper your website with excerpts and testimonials or review from people who have read it and learned or benefited from the knowledge you provided.

  • Leverage Social Media

Create a marketing strategy to promote your book and build your audience.  Make sure to build metrics into your campaign so you can review what’s working and what isn’t.  All marketing strategies should be fluid enough to change as opportunities present themselves. If you are connected to anyone who might have influence or is respected in your industry, consider sending a complimentary copy and asking for a comment or review.

  • Become a Speaker

Many community organizations are constantly on the lookout for good speakers.  These could include your local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary clubs are a couple of examples.  There are also networking groups where speakers are welcome.  Don’t turn down those 10 minute speaking opportunities either.  Exposure is the goal. And when you are speaking, make sure you have copies of your book available for purchase. Offer to sign the copies.

  • Blog Content

Similar to your website, excerpts from your book plus reviews can be a great source of blog content that will catch interest and promote sales.

  • Local Media

Contact local radio and television stations and express your willingness to be interviewed about your book.  If your topic (and you) sound interesting, you’ll likely be interviewed.  Don’t forget about newspapers in your community as well. If you are interviewed on television, try and get a copy that you can upload onto YouTube and link to your social media and website.

  • Create a Workshop

A workshop where the audience learns how to apply the knowledge you imparted in your book can be an excellent source of sales as well.  Your workshop could be a half-day to full day program.  It can also be a promotion for your book.  For instance, offer a series of mini-workshops to purchasers of the book.  You could send buyers a module every month for a set number of months.  This is also a great way to keep top of mind, which ultimately encourages buyers to talk about your book to others.

  • Handouts

You won’t always get an opportunity to talk at length about your book.  If you are attending a networking or Chamber event, etc., have a handout that’s more than a business card.  Many of these organizations have a table for promotional materials.  A printed bookmark could be a great take away. Include at least one review and a sentence or two about the content, with benefits for the reader.

Have any book marketing tips you’d like to add to the list? Leave them in the comment section.

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