Nothing establishes you as a subject matter expert more than you talking about it.  By far the best way to do this is speaking to audiences, large and small.  Speaking allows you to showcase your knowledge as well as putting a spotlight on your product or service.

Let’s say you’ve perfected your speech or presentation and are now ready to take it on the road.  Where will you find the opportunities?  Here are some ideas:

* Networking Groups 

Every town or city or region has a multitude of networking groups, ranging from formal to informal gatherings of business people.  Many of these groups encourage their members to present to the group.  It helps keep members interested and informed as well as giving people a reason to “shop local” for the products and services they need to grow their own businesses.

* Local Clubs

Think Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis Clubs and also Chambers of Commerce.  Many of these are actively looking for speakers to add to their monthly programs.

* Charities and Special Interest Groups

Wherever like-minded people meet on a regular basis, if you have information to share that will impact people, these organizations will want to hear you speak.

* Educational Facilities

Contact your local colleges and universities.  Students will be interested in your product or service and business experience.  Adult education classes or entrepreneurial programs welcome presenters with a message for their students.

* Your Customer’s Connections

Ask your customers what groups or clubs they belong to and if they would be interested in you speaking to that group.  This can be a win/win when your customer basks in the glory of bringing a great speaker to their group and you get a fresh audience who might just want your product or service.

* Search the Internet

Look for events in your area.  Find out who else is speaking, what their topic is and when.  Then contact the organization to find out if your topic will fit with their organization.

* Local Speaker’s Directories

Some locations have speaker’s directories.  You can get listed as a speaker.  Write up an outline that highlights your topic and what your audience will learn.

* Toastmasters

If you are not already a member, consider becoming one.  This organization helps its members improve their public speaking.  They also have a speaking bureau that you can be part of.

* Ask Your Audience

Take the opportunity at the conclusion of your speaking engagement to let your audience members know that you are available to speak at their groups.

* Associations

There are associations for pretty much everything you can think of.  Look up the directory of associations in your area and contact the ones who might be open to your topic.  Most associations hold annual meetings and are always on the lookout for a great speaker.


Your fame boosting assignment:

Pick one or two of these ideas to get more speaking opportunities and go after them. Make contact, ask if the group accepts outside speakers and present your credentials and your proposed topic. There’s a whole world of people who need to hear what you’ve got to say!

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