Ever seen articles in your News Feed you wished you could bookmark to read later?

Well… actually you can

The moment you see an interesting topic on your news feed, you can click on the ‘save’ button that is present on the bottom-right of the post or you can even click the down-arrow icon that is present at the top right of the post. You can then select the save option.

THE CATCH: If an update doesn’t have link preview, you can not save it.



Now you’ve saved some things. How do you retrieve them?

You can see this on the left – side navigation area on your desktop version of Facebook. Here, you can view links you have saved based on categories or even all the items you have saved. If you want to access your saved items on the Facebook mobile app, be it on iOS or Android, just tap the More button — the  so-called “hamburger menu button” and tap Saved.



After you complete viewing the item that you had saved, you can save it for later too or you can delete it permanently. In case you want to archive the item, just click on the ‘X’ that is present on the right – top corner. In the case you want to delete it permanently, choose the ‘delete’ option in the ‘more’ icon.


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