It just happens. You meet someone you think you can do business with, or you feel like you have so much in common. But you never ‘talk’ again. And so you forget all about him/her.

With LinkedIn Notes, you can add comments to your contact and set up reminders for staying in touch. This is a really valuable feature in LinkedIn that many people aren’t aware of.

Adding a note to someone’s profile is very easy:

1. Go to their LinkedIn Profile

2.  Underneath the top section with their name and job title, you’ll see a tabbed section for Relationship and Contact Info

LinkedIn Note Feature


The Relationship section holds information how you met, who introduced you, a note, a reminder and a tag.

Tag feature is handy to sort people into specific categories. For example, you can tag people as co-worker, friend or a group/conference that you met.

Select the tag to see all the people you’ve added to a specific category.

The Contact Info section allows you to enter your contact’s:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • mailing address
  • Twitter handle
  • Websites or blogs

You can even add birthdays and anniversaries in the Contact Info section, and then set a Reminder to wish your contact a happy birthday.

Only you can see the information you add to LinkedIn Notes.

3. Once you’ve entered all the info for a contact, select Save and you’re done.

 Bonus Feature: Only you can see the information you add to LinkedIn Notes.


Is there a particular feature on LinkedIn that you use a lot? Let us know in the comments which one and how you use it.

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