Since the amount of space for tabs on a Facebook page is limited, only a few tabs are visible to users, while the remainder are listed under the More section.

Making important tabs visible to users can make a huge difference in the way your fans interact with your Facebook page.

1. Click More below your Page’s cover photo

Facebook Page


2. Select Manage Tabs.



3. Once you have clicked the Manage Tabs option, an Edit Tabs window will pop up on-screen. All of the tabs that are available will be listed according to their positions, from left to right. To move a tab to a new position, drag the corresponding tab’s handler up or down. The topmost tab will appear in the leftmost position in the navigation bar.

* Note that the About tab always appears next to the Timeline tab, and you cannot change its position.*

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4. When you are done, click Save to preserve the changes.

You should place the tabs wisely so that the most popular sections are easily visible and accessible to your fans.

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