We have brainstormed a list of 30  ideas for you to try. Don’t worry. Most of these can be completed in a matter of minutes.

You can try all 30 or pick and choose from the list.

As you work through the 30 day challenge, pick those marketing ideas that work for you and keep notes on what worked or what you would do differently.

Take one marketing action each day!

1. Create an Elevator Speech: In 30 seconds or less can you tell me what you do, what makes you special, and why I should care?  That’s your elevator speech.

2. Host a Marketing Forum: Invite other small business owners to share marketing ideas that have and haven’t worked in your area.

3. Build your own referral network of business professionals that you send clients to and receive clients from.

4. Join social media networks that you’re not yet active on. For example Pinterest is much more than just recipes and crafts.

5. Research hashtags# related to your industry. Include them in your posts to make sure your company is part of the conversation.

6. Create relationships with bloggers and website owners. Give insightful comments on their blog posts and begin conversations on social media sites.

7. After you’ve established a connection with the bloggers through the sharing of her/his content, offer to do a guest blog.

8. Join two LinkedIn groups that are specific to your niche – but not your industry.

9. Reuse content: If you have great content but no one is consuming it, repurpose it. Blog posts can be collated into an eBook, a webinar recording could become a subscriber-only video, and a magazine article could be reprinted and distributed as a booklet.

10. Get written/video testimonials from some of your customers and put them up in your website.

11. List your business on Google Places.

12. When someone comments on your blog or reposts your content, thank them publicly and then return the favour.

13. Make sure that you have an opt-in opportunity on your website. Email addresses are such a valuable thing to have.

14. Offer a free download or free gift to make people willing to add their email address to your list.

15. Add audio, video and social sharing functionality to your emails

16. Send out a customer satisfaction survey

17. If possible, loan your facility out for meetings and other events. This is a great way to spread the word locally about your business and what you can offer

18. Call two customers who haven’t seem to have done much business in a while.  Follow-up to find out if there’s anything you can help them with.

19. Send handwritten thank-you notes to three of your customers

20. Check your online directory listings and get listed in desirable directories

21. Think ahead to the next upcoming holiday. Send an email reminding customers that there are x shopping days until the big day

22. Create an affiliate program to promote your product or service

23. Use your Smartphone’s camera to document “a day in the life” of your business. Use it as the foundation for a blog post and share it on your social media platforms

24. Thank anyone who refers business to you with a personalized thank you card, phone call, discounts, or gift card.

25. Offer a webinar to establish your company as an expert on the subject.

26. Create your own business award competition. If there isn’t a competition in your industry or there’s no way you can compete in one, hosting your own unique competition creates buzz

27. Offer a bonus for a set amount of time only to create a sense of urgency. For example, one week only.

28. Promote your vendors on your social media platforms

29. Answer your phone cheerfully

30. Review and revisit. The monthly marketing challenge is almost over! Review what you did this month that you thought was the best marketing idea and do it again!

Let us know what’s working well and if anything’s slowing you down. We’re happy to help you meet any challenge you put your mind to.

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