When we think about marketing there is more than we realize. In the business world , marketing can make or break a business in particular social media marketing. With the widespread access to social media comes an even greater emphasis that social media is real and it should be taken as seriously as anything else we put in place to push our business forward to achieve optimum success.

Here are our top 5 reasons to reevaluate your social media management strategy:

Industry Expertise: When taking on a social media campaign, you  should be seeking out a professional with the advanced knowledge to be able to tie together your social media strategy with other crucial strategies such as public relations and your overall business strategy.  Also does the person running your social media campaign know how best utilize your Facebook business & personal page?

It’s not about the “Funny Cat Videos”: There is more to social media than most of us realize. For business, social media is an essential tool. It is not only a matter of content, but knowing what platforms work best for your business. For example, Snapchat, while may be entertaining for personal use, is it the right platform for your business? Very doubtful Snapchat is what you are looking for to grow your business.  Knowing your target market and where your audience are on social media is as vital as the content you are putting out there.

Attention to detail: Can you trust the intern to represent your brand, broadcasting social posts to the World Wide Web, using proper grammar, capitalization and being typo free. Even minor mistakes can harm your online reputation and add in hours of extra clean up work.

Permanent Solution over the short term fix: In the rapidly fast changing times of the modern business world, never has social media marketing been more important as a permanent fixture to your business success. An intern is using your business as an opportunity to gain personal experience and personal growth. Your business should not be used as someone’s personal stepping stone, but rather should require the care and dedication of a professional who has invested her/his name in the industry.

Interns should be there to learn, not lead: Let’s not get us wrong, we see value in the roles interns can play and the experience in the workforce interns can get, but your business is too important to you and all that you have invested only to now have an intern in the driver seat. Interns are better suited to be taken on by marketing agencies who will provide the right learning environment for stage of life the intern is at.

If you’re too busy to manage your own social media platforms or aren’t sure where to begin, Make it Happen Services can help. Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing services.


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