Today, I attended the inspiring conference “Get Down to Authentic Business” by Heart of Networking Events in Ajax, Ontario. I was honoured to be on the expert panel and share the stage with successful women entrepreneurs from the Durham Region community.

As I was answering questions from the audience it dawned on me that I should put together a blog post that answers the most commonly asked questions about social media by small business owners.

So, without further due, here are the 7 most common questions answered for you.

In what ways can you measure social return on investment (ROI)?

You should know your business’s goals and objectives before starting to measure your social media ROI. There are various ways in which it could be measured:

  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue
  • clicks
  • Contest Entries

 Do I have to be on every social network?

As tempting as it is to increase your online presence by joining every social network out there, a lot of the time it’s too much to take on. Instead of creating accounts just for the sake of having a profile, get strategic with the social media platform you choose. Start out with one or two profiles and do it well.

What type of content should I share?

It all comes down to knowing your target market. If you have a clear understanding of their lifestyle, interests and problems, it will become much easier to create or find relevant content that they will be able to resonate with.

Beyond that, start following influencers in your industry who create outstanding content and share their stuff.

Why do I need an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a vital step in bringing your strategy to life. It can help you stay on track and consistent in your messaging across various networks. It can also help you create quality content by planning ahead. Also, when you’re planning, you have a better chance of maximizing your impact on social media.

What is curated content and why should I be using it on my Page?

Curated content is relevant content from another source that you share to your page. Sharing content from other sources can be a big timesaver, because you don’t have to create everything from scratch.

Sharing content on your social media platforms shows that you are up-to-date on information in your industry, also you’re focused on more than just your own business. Make sure to give credit to the original source.

 I’m in a “Boring” Industry, Do I Still Need Social Media?

Yes, Social media isn’t just reserved for makeup artists, fashion brands and retailers. When it comes to marketing, your goal is to reach your target audience where they’re paying the most attention.

 Is it OK to share promotional content?

Yes, but don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between using social media to promote your brand, and spamming. Consider using the 70/20/10 rule.

The 70/20/10 rule was defined by Crystal Vikaitis who breaks down your business’ social media posts into three different categories:

  • 70 % of your content should provide value to your audience
  • 20% should be curate content like discussed above
  • 10% should be about promoting your business

Let your social media platforms be a resource for your target market. Social media should be a place to educate and engage, without pushing your services/products at them.

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