Today’s social media world is all about images. People want to see images that give them a feel of what they are going to be reading. If the image isn’t enticing enough, it doesn’t matter how great the content is, it will be harder to get your audience to read it.

Why graphics and photos are so important
  • Images bring out emotions
  • Drives social media engagement
  • When branded, it helps brand awareness

Graphics are essential and posting without them can be detrimental – or at the very least, cause your followers to simply skip over your wordy post. For every blog post or website article you create and share on social media, you must have an outstanding visual to accompany it to catch your reader’s eye.

The same suggestion goes for sharing content as well. Don’t share someone else’s work that does not have something to grab your customer’s attention. You want to share with them the best, and the best includes something they can relate to – a good visual.

For the month of November we are offering a special rate for our “Done For You- Social Media Graphics” Package.

Here are the details:

What You Will Get

5 images will have your branding elements. It will be created according to the social sites’ size of your choice.  Special Price of $49


We have been creating images for social media posts – for years now.  See the samples below.



Please send an Etransfer to Password November2017

A questionnaire will be sent your way once we receive your payment.

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