Many different social media platforms have embraced the ability to stream live video so you can reach your audience. Live video is an easy way to build your brand, connect with followers and engage with audiences in a new and creative way. Facebook and Instagram are organically promoting Live video to encourage users to interact with those newer services.

Five ways your business can succeed with Live video.

Give them a behind-the-scenes look: Show your audience what really happens at your office or workplace! Not only is a behind-the-scenes look entertaining, but it is also an excellent opportunity to provide your audience with educational information that they may find helpful.

Tease New Products: Use Facebook Live to give your audience a sneak peek at your products. Take advantage of their excitement by providing them with a link to take preorders.

Promote Events: Facebook Live prioritizes live videos in its algorithms, meaning that more people may see your live stream than another type of post. You can go Live by showing them preparations for an event or revealing the process of how their favourite product is made.

Get interactive with live Q&As: Facebook Live is a great channel for question and answer sessionsQ&A sessions can teach you a lot about your audience and how they think. Take up the questions from the audience during the live session through chat and comments. Make it fun and engaging!

Conduct interviews: Interviews are always an excellent choice of content. They make for compelling content, giving the audience the opportunity to hear insights from experts or influencers in your industry.

Spending time on Live video can feel like a chore when you have little time to run your business, but it’s one of the least expensive and most efficient ways to promote your business.

How else have you used Live video for your business?  Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear about your experiences!

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