Coming up with new and creative ideas for social media can be a daunting task. You have to think about what is going to be not only fun and engaging but also valuable.

Give your social media posts a makeover for 2018 with these content ideas that are proven to increase engagement.


  • Photo of your office space
  • Photo from an event or conference
  • Post a Throwback Photo
  • Product images

Remember: Always upload high-quality pictures


  • Always ensure your questions are precise, short, and creative to gain high impressions on your posts.
  • To catch your followers’ attention on a new product, a question may appear in this form: “I’m about to publish my book on modern politics. What title would you recommend?”
  • Get responses from your followers with preferential questions. “E.g. This or that, MERCEDEZ or TOYOTA


  • Turn a blog post into a video
  • Create a how-to video
  • Go Live
  • Interview someone Live
  • Video Testimonials

Incentives & Promotions

  • Get your social media followers interested in a coupon, free trial, or freebie.
  • Hold a giveaway or contest.
  • Product Tutorial: Post a tutorial on how to use that product for your followers.
  • If you’ve uploaded promotional videos or advertisements to YouTube or Vimeo, share those on your social media channels.

You don’t have to use every one of these suggestions. It’s good to try different types of content and stick with what works. Then check your analytics, consider ways to make those posts work even better, and test again.

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