Social media marketing is a tool of now; every business uses it nowadays as it is the key to survival in the competitive world. The fundamental reason for the social media marketing is because pretty much all of the target markets is available on the social media, in one way or the other. Knowing your customers is key to success. Successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs understand the importance of social media. Using social media to reach your target market is an easy and effective task; still, some businesses miss the point of why they are using social media. It’s time to learn from the mistakes which you have made or others have made because you cannot stay in the past anymore.

Mistake #1-Absence of Newsletter
It is highly suggested that you should send out regular newsletters to your list informing them of your new and exciting products and offers. Now, the key here is not to clutter their email. Instead of sending them mail all the time, should send them twice to thrice a month only. Remember, the content should be fresh and exciting.

Mistake #2-Posting for the irrelevant audience
You need to know where your audience is and then use that data to tailor your posts to the targeted audience. An example can be taken from facebook; if you are a small business located in Los Angles, then you can target your customers in the LA instead of targeting audience worldwide which is not relevant to your business.

Mistake #3- You are lazy to put content out there.
You cannot do anything wrong if you are not posting on the social media. Marketing studies suggest that a frequency of the content available to the audience should be around 2-7 times per day depending on the social media platform. So, create exciting content and post regularly.

Mistake#4-Wrong content
If you do not see any results of your recent social media efforts,  then you need to sit back and look at your posts again. 75% of the times, when you are unable to engage with your audience is because of the fact that you are just posting wrong stuff.

Mistake#5-What’s in it for me?
Everyone asks this question, so do your readers. So if you don’t see any results, then you need to sit back and answer this question “what is in it for your target market?”.  Your content needs to engage your consumers and provide them with some value; else they have no use of coming to your page if it just about you.

If your content has not brought any engagement from the audience, then you need to re-evaluate your frequency. Are you feeding your audience with just the right amount of content?
For example, instead of giving to the point and fresh content on a regular basis, you may be feeding them with excess information which they don’t have time to go over.

Mistake #7-You don’t revisit
If you post content, and then don’t check to see what is going on with it then no wonder your content is not making an impact out there. Always remember, you have to be active and social. You need to reply to comments which people make on your posts. You need to answer the queries, in short, you have to be social and active.

When you finally understand the power of social media to build your brand out there, a whole new world of exciting possibilities will open for you. Your sales will go through the roof, your customers will remember your brand, and it will be the topic of their daily discussions which is much more beneficial than the conventional business.

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