Facebook groups are becoming increasingly popular for business owners, especially when it comes to lead generation.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can feel lonely sometimes and we all share a sense of belonging. Well, Facebook groups can provide just that. 

Facebook groups are about community. They bring together a group of people who typically share common interests, lifestyles, or business goals. Mompreneurs, Freelance Designers, Real estate agents, Women in Business…you name it!  A key factor in creating these groups is to provide valuable information for your audience in a comfortable, supportive environment.   

Tip: Instead of having your business name as the title of the group, have the main topic as part of the title so that you attract individuals who are looking for your expertise.

Let’s dive deeper into how to create leads through Facebook Groups!

The Simple Act of Giving

 Ever hear the phrase “Sharing is caring?” Your Facebook group should be far from spamming your audience with your services and promotions, and more about providing free guidance. As the subject matter expert, you will have the opportunity to improve awareness of yourself and your brand by simply being helpful. When you provide solutions to people’s problems, give advice, or quick tips – you become top of mind for them. You may notice that members of your Facebook group start referring you to other people outside of the group, or tagging you in questions that other people need answers to.

Engage + Connect

 A successful Facebook group has lots of engagement and opportunities for not only you but the members as well. As the creator of the group, it’s important to be responsive to daily challenges and questions. This is a great way to get your name seen consistently and establish relationships. It’s possible that members will even go to your website to contact you and explore other ways that you can help them! When your members feel they can trust you, it’s more likely that they will invest in your paid services.

Engaging content Ideas: Monthly challenges, Tutorials, Live videos, Q&A, Polls. 


So now that you’ve created a Facebook group, who do you invite?

While you may want to invite your family and friends, typically these people are not paying customers. Consider inviting your website visitors, newsletter subscribers, social media followers, these are people who are invested in your business already. 

Instead of clicking the “invite button” on Facebook or “Auto- adding” people, try taking it a step further and send a personal email or message. Introduce the Facebook group, what value they are receiving, and how they can contribute as a member. 

Beyond Lead generation

You’ve probably figured out by now that Facebook groups can go beyond lead generation. They create real friendships, build authority, collaborations, and learning culture with like-minded business owners.

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