Let’s start off by defining what a social media manager is. A social media manager has access to your social media channels, implements a strategy that will bring you more followers and engagement and builds brand awareness over time.

If you’re a small business owner and find yourself pushing things off your “to do” list (like curating social media content), it might be time to think about outsourcing. As much as social media can help your business grow, it can also feel like a HUGE time sucker, especially when you’re the only person running the business.

So, are you ready to dive into the reasons why you should hire someone to manage your social media business accounts?

Reason 1: Creates a social media STRATEGY

Do you find yourself sporadically posting on social media? Finding those 1-2 minutes of the day when you can actually post something. Or posting for the sake of posting, but having no value behind your content? A social media manager will make sure that there is a strategy in place and that your content is meaningful and relevant to your audience.

Reason #2: Creates Brand Awareness and Authority

A social media manager’s goal is to create brand awareness for you, and establish your business as an expert in your industry. By creating consistent and valuable content, your followers will begin to trust you and identify your brand. Furthermore, you will start to have loyal fans who look forward to what you will be posting next.

Reason # 3: Tracks Marketing Efforts

A social media manager is familiar and knowledgeable about social media analytics and what they mean. They can analyze the results of your posts (what times to post, engagement, post reach Etc.) Without analytics, we wouldn’t know if our marketing strategy is working or not, which leads to a huge waste of time. Speaking of time…. that leads to the next reason.

Reason # 4: Saves Time

As a small business owner, you’re wearing many hats in the business. In between answering emails, networking, preparing products to be shipped, you’re expected to magically squeeze in time to SIT and work on social media content. Believe it or not, this problem can be solved. By hiring a social media manager, you will save so much time as they work behind the scenes creating branded content specific to your needs. In addition, they can schedule the content to go out on the days and times you would like.

Reason # 5: A New Way to Generate New Customers

A social media manager will know how to post through paid and organize efforts. It requires a bit of research to understand what your industry thrives on and what content your customers like to see. It may take a few months for your social media manager to identify what strategy works best. 

If you are interested in learning about our Social Media Management packages, contact us!

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