Are you lacking design experience and creativity in your business?  Look no further, there’s an incredible tool for that! You don’t need to be a design wizard to make eye-catching graphics for your business. Meet Canva. Your new favourite cloud-based design tool.

Canva has become an amazing design tool for small businesses and not to mention, there are a lot of features you can utilize in the FREE version of this software.

Here are 4 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Posts with Canva:

  1. Create Cover Photos for your Social Pages

The great thing about Canva, is that it provides you with ready-to-use templates designed specifically for each social media platform along with the correct dimensions. In addition, you can upload your logo, your own images and brand colours! AMAZING!  Canva’s cover photo templates are best for Twitter, Facebook, Email headers, and LinkedIn. Creating branded images is essential when creating consistency across social media platforms.

  1. Create branded infographics and images

Another great way to enhance your social pages is by creating engaging infographics and images that engage your audience. There is no point in sharing information that does not reflect your brand.  By using Canva’s ready-to-use templates, it will save you so much time and help you get the job done quicker. Infographics are useful for displaying information quickly while people are scrolling through their feed. Furthermore, they can be used for statistical information, FAQ’s, Tips, and Step-by-Step Guides.

  1. Branded Instagram Stories

Go beyond snapping a picture and inserting an emoji on your Instagram story. With Canva’s Instagram stories you can make your brand stand out with more polished and personalized Instagram Stories. You can re-use the template to make more Instagram Stories and save them to your phone for future use.

  1. Highlight Customer Reviews

Reading reviews on Google and Facebook can get boring after a while. A unique way to enhance your social media is by creating images to highlight your customer reviews. Canva allows you to customize design elements and fonts to represent your brand personality.

If you would like to learn more about Canva and other features it has to offer, contact us for a one on one consultation!

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