Is email marketing dead? The truth? Absolutely not! 

If you haven’t started building your email list, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get leads. Email allows you to nurture leads over time, analyze the content that your customers like the most, and showcase your credibility with the valuable content you provide. 

Here are 7 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Email List:

Online survey
Create a survey for your audience that is linked to an incentive for them. For example, if they complete the survey they may receive a discount code or coupon that gives money off your products or services. This will not only help with collecting email addresses, but it also has the potential to increase sales. Who doesn’t want increased sales?

Offer a downloadable white-paper (lead magnet)
Create a FREE guide, checklist, or e-book and host it on a landing page on your website. Ask visitors to provide their email address in order to receive a copy. This way they are giving consent for you to email them and obtain their email address. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to give them a teaser of your services and spark lead generation.

Run a giveaway or contest
Giveaways and contests are great ways to engage your audience and grow your email list as long as you follow the guidelines. Promote your contest on your social accounts with the most followers. Example of obtaining email addresses for a contest: Asking people to submit content to enter your contest (video, photo, story, etc.)

Ask for email addresses in your Facebook group
Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for their email addresses, they are following you for a reason! To start with, You can ask people who want to join your group up to three questions, so make one of them a request for an email address in some way. Another way to use Facebook groups is to post content or events where your group members need to “opt-in” with their email to get access.

Use the Facebook “Call to action” button
The Facebook CTA button is at the top of your business page, which is the first place viewers will be looking once they land on your page. You can link your Facebook page’s CTA button to a landing page that requires them to either sign up for your newsletter or gain access to a free resource.

Host an online webinar
Who doesn’t love a free webinar on a topic that you’ve been meaning to learn more about? Webinars are normally registered via email, making your listeners more willing to be contacted afterward. Example: Sending them a recording of the webinar if they missed out.

Ask your existing followers to share or forward your emails to a friend
This is a great way to gain access to their friends, colleagues, and networks and expand your contact list. Of course, you want to make sure that you are providing quality content and that there is an obvious CTA (call to action) on the page they are sharing.

     If you are a beginner at email marketing, remember that it’s okay to start small! 

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