When was the last time you looked at your marketing efforts to see how they are working for you? Understanding the activity and engagement on your social media, is a great way to build an effective marketing plan for your business. An social media audit allows you to deep dive into your online presence, looking at how your brand shows up in the marketplace allows you to build an effective marketing plan for your digital marketing.

It’s an opportunity to think about your goals
When you set up a social media business page what are you trying to accomplish with that platform? What type of investment is social media worth to your business? When you conduct an audit, it allows you to look at the goals you set out for your business and whether or not you have achieved them.

It will enhance your social media strategy
As our businesses grow, so do our marketing strategies. An audit allows us to look deep into what strategy worked for us and what didn’t. The social media specialist conducting the audit can give you recommendations and guidance as to how you can improve your strategy to reach optimal growth (who doesn’t want that?!)

Uncover opportunities to generate leads
A social media audit will provide first steps to promote content, increase engagement and drive leads to your website. In 2020, we’re seeing social media paid ads are becoming more essential in businesses marketing strategy to gain more traction and get more leads.

Learn “Best Practices” for social media from someone who lives and breathes it every day
It’s easy to “just Google it,” but how do you know what information is accurate and most up to date?  Simply reading information on the internet won’t help you identify gaps in your marketing strategy. Want to save yourself tons of time? Hire someone who studies and educates themselves on social media algorithms, new features and platforms. These individuals will know exactly what direction you need to go in and how to optimize your social media platforms for success!Want to learn more about a social media audit for your business? Our package includes:

Social Media Audit:

  • Review of up to 3 social media platforms
  • Answers to your content and social media questions and find the solution that is right for your business
  • Tactics and strategies that are unique to your business
  • Tips, tools, and resources on how to make your business succeed online.
  • One page review of your social media marketing and recommendations

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