In business, no day is ever truly the same. However, if you’ve made massive shifts in your business model recently, or if you’re thinking about going in a different direction, the tools, methods, and ideas that you once used may no longer work for you. It’s the same as moving into a new home and realizing your old couch just doesn’t work in the space.

Here are 8 ways to Marie Kondo your business during self-isolation:

1. Brand consistency – Ensure that your fonts, colours, and logos are consistent across all social media channels. This will help your followers identify images and content with your brand. The best way to check if your brand is consistent is by doing a social media audit (we can help with that!)

2. Brand tone – A brand tone refers to how your brand communicates with your audience. Your tone on social media should align with how you are in person. Be authentic and true to yourself.

3. Unsubscribe from non-business related newsletters that go to your business email address – Okay, so you used your business email address because it required a different email to get that 15% off discount. We’ve all been there before – but that’s not what your business email address is for. Unsubscribing might take a little more time, but once you are done your inbox will be sparkling clean.

4. Categorize your emails – This is like separating your spices from your baking supplies! Keeping all your emails in one place can be frustrating when you go to find something important. Some examples of labels may include: program-related emails, inquiries, finances, etc.

5. Custom templates – This is a huge time saver! Think of some of the common questions you receive, and create canned responses to these questions. You can save these in your Gmail account, and use them for future use. For example, you might have a canned response to COVID-19 questions in regards to your business.

6. Audit your business – Now more than ever, processes are so important. The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought processes to the forefront of the business. Map everything out on a whiteboard or somewhere where you can visually see your business processes from start to finish. Highlight the areas that are strong, weak and where there are gaps. This will help you prioritize your time where you need it the most. Set an action plan as to when you will work on creating more efficient processes.

7. Clean up your desk space – Put away yesterday’s coffee mug, and old scraps of paper. Your physical workspace sets the tone for how productive you will be during the day. The fewer items there are on your desk, the less distracted you will be.

8. Unfollow social media accounts that don’t “spark joy.” – Do you ever find that you can’t relate to some people’s posts as you are scrolling through social media? At one point, there was a reason why you followed them, but if they don’t spark joy for you anymore it’s okay to hit the unfollow button. As your business grows, you might outgrow some of these accounts. During these uncertain times, we may look to find more accounts that spread positivity and motivating content.

We hope you start implementing these spring cleaning tips and wish you a wonderful week.

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