While no one can really crack the Instagram Algorithm, however there are steps you can take to counteract its effects. Before you start implementing the tips below, you need to know your target audience – What are their interests? Where are they from? How old are they? Once you have a better understanding of who you are targeting, you will be able to focus on the content your target audience is looking for.

Here are some tips that will help you navigate the Instagram Algorithm and grow organically:

A picture is worth a thousand words

Instagram is a visual social network, therefore having high quality and appealing pictures is important to have when it comes to your posting strategy. Moreover, you want to think of ways that your brand can stand out in such a saturated social space.

Tips for visually appealing Instagram photos:

  1. Use natural light
  2. Don’t overexpose your pictures with editing tools
  3. Get creative
  4. Avoid using too much text on images
Tell a story

Instagram was created as a photo-sharing app, however now more than ever it is turning into a storytelling community. Many Instagram users use the platform to share their personal experiences and give advice to their followers. Captions are a powerful tool, and should be utilized strategically.

Engage with the right people

It’s hard enough to take the time to engage (meaningfully) with your followers, that is why it’s CRUCIAL to engage with the RIGHT people. There are two types of people business owners should prioritize.

  1. Individuals who support you and whose content you value and
  2. Individuals who you can see as your potential customers/clients

It’s also okay to unfollow individuals or brands that don’t spark joy for you anymore or that don’t mesh with your goals and values. When you follow too many people, you may lose sight of the important accounts that actually spark joy and provide valuable content.

Instagram Stories

A great way to stay top of mind of your followers, is to use Instagram stories. In case your posts are not being seen, stories are brought to the forefront of your followers feed. In addition, stories let you interact with your audience on a more personal level through polls, Q&A, quizzes etc. which helps you build a stronger relationship with them. If you post stories and people engage with them there are higher chances that your posts will show up on top of their feed!!

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get discovered by individuals or brands in the same niche as you. Once you use hashtags within a niche, interact with those people. Like and comment on their posts because they are in your target audience as well! Although you can use up to 30 hashtags on a post, you don’t have to use 30 hashtags every single time you post. The main goal is to use hashtags that are relevant and specific to what you do.

Consistency is key

Showing up consistently is your BEST weapon when it comes to connecting with your followers on Instagram. This does not mean only posting stock photos on a regular basis, we are talking about showing the person/team behind the business. For some business owners, this is a huge step out of your comfort zone. Believe us, we’ve been in your shoes before! The more you show your face, the more trust and your followers will have in you.

Whether your goal is to reach 100 followers, or 1000 followers don’t give up. Organic Instagram growth takes time and is a long-term strategy. At Make It Happen Services, we would be happy to chat with you about your Instagram goals and strategy.  Connect with us here!

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