If you’re struggling to understand what Instagram has to offer to you, look no further because we have curated a special list of 20 Foolproof Instagram post ideas that will not only boost your engagement but also put you into the top level of your followers’ feeds. 

1.Host giveaways and contests 

Hosting giveaways and contests is a great way to interact with your audience! Content like this will work wonders in getting your business more attention. Additionally, it will help spread awareness which in turn will result in more activity, followers and outreach on your part!

2. Post content with product features

This type of content is great for your business as it puts your products directly in the spotlight! Posting with this idea in mind will look like putting your products fully center stage to direct all attention to them. This so-called hype will amass a much larger following with an overall interest in your business. 

3.Take full advantage of user generated content

Take full advantage of the content resulting from your customers! This is a great way to engage and interact with your audience as it delivers the performance of your product in normal, everyday life. This type of content will also help reassure new buyers about the quality and benefits of your product. 

4.Celebrity and influencer endorsements

These types of involvements with people of larger social followings will help greatly in market outreach by getting your name out as well as, these endorsements will solidify the credibility and legitimacy of your products. Of course, the obvious illusion of ‘celebrity’ will be a huge lurer of its own. 

5. Introduce new products with Instagram launches

This type of content of using your Instagram profile for something so important along with other ads and promotions helps people understand that your business is doing its best to ensure customer convenience by posting all company updates, no matter how big or small, to the same social platform for their ease. Furthermore, this also creates a sense of mutual understanding and proximity between the customer and business. 

6. Cause related marketing posts

Having your audience acknowledge your business values and morals into your marketing will help humanize your business as people will see you’re genuine and appreciate your stance on incorporating your beliefs into your corporate life. 

7. Take advantage of holidays and other events for posts

Use holidays, festivals and wider known celebrations to create a feeling of mutual celebration and to establish a diverse and welcoming presence. Furthermore, use fun holidays relevant to your industry (pancake day, book lovers day etc.) to create engaging posts, people always find gag holidays super cool!

8. Make use of popular hashtags

The use of popular hashtags will not only get you familiarized with your followers but will also, on a more technical side, place you in their favourable algorithmic streams. The use of hashtags is more scientific and business savvy than it seems, using them correctly will get you into peoples reach highly efficiently. 

9. Use memes to amplify your presence within the younger demographic

Tapping into meme culture will not only get you engaged with the younger generation but it will also solidify your stance of putting forth your best shot in the means of, you will get praise for putting time and effort for finding content of the meme sort. 

10. Make use of quotes and sayings

The use of quotes not only helps to brighten up people’s streams but also makes them feel good. Aim to use quotes that amplify your brands mission and values and are relevant to your work. 

11. Use DIY ideas for post content

Sharing DIY ideas on your social media profile will do you great wonders! It gives your audience a glimpse into understanding the value of your product in daily life and its associated uses. Also, giving your followers this type of content makes them feel heard, needed and engaged as they know you are catering to their interests. 

12. Showcase behind-the-scenes footage 

Giving your audience a glimpse into the BTS life grants them an appreciation for your work ethic and drive, along with the other team members who all work collectively and tirelessly to bring them their favourite products, this will foster a ton of engaging audience members. 

13. Use hyperlapse videos and visuals

Hyperlapse videos offer a sped up and exciting view of routine things which gives your audience a  dose of the ‘wow factor’, transporting them away from otherwise boring and mundane imagery they are used to seeing on their feeds. This new, fresh and exciting visual imagery is a great way to boost your audience engagement!

14. Engage your audience with employee and workplace related content 

Introduce the people that make your store fronts a reality; your audience wants to see this. They want to appreciate the hard work it takes to manage a business and that helps them understand where they fit into the scale of your growing business. 

15. Share artsy content

Catering to your artistic and creative audience will make them feel heard and recognized and in turn, you reap tons of customer engagement and following. 

16. Include new offers, promotions and sales in your posts

Spread the word about these occurrences because they will attract a sea of old and new customers alike, everybody loves a good sale! This will also help direct traffic from your feed / main page onto your website or online shopping page so it’s a win-win!

17. Magnify your customer testimonials

Share testimonials to prove how well your product is working for others! This may also help to showcase versatility as every user has a unique story behind their usage of the product, which in turn can influence buyers!

18. Make the most of throwback content

This type of content will help your audience understand their importance on the spectrum of business success and how vital they are to your venture’s growth. In addition, it will also highlight the legacy of your journey and how much you have progressed in order to get to where you are, take part in this trend and celebrate your history!

19. Create a post with a link to your blog content

Share snippets of stuff from your blog post(s) in order to give your audience a taste of what they’re in for! This will help direct the traffic from your main page to your blog page so it’s another win-win situation. 

20. Share statistics and other numbers

Using statistics for outreach can be very rewarding as people love to see progress numerically. For example, if you posted ‘3500 copies have been sold already’, that will get you tons of engagement from your followers and maybe potential sales too!

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