Finding a place in today’s over-flooded online business community is quite a challenge. Moreover, doing so as an introverted person is even more of a difficult task. Here at Make It Happen Services, we recognize that and completely empathize with you. Given that we have worked through the business world as introverts, we’ve put together tips on everything you need to navigate social media as an introvert!

If you are in this situation and feel lost about where your business will go without “extroverted confidence”, not to worry there are multiple ways to find quality business leadership and growth.

1.Define your goals to the most specific point.

This is a real game changer for all introverted business owners. Boil it down to logic and think of it this way. Narrow down what you are working towards. The chances of you knowing what to do and exactly when to do it, naturally increase. Great apps to help you with this are: Trello and Asana. As an introvert, taking action to reach a certain goal can be daunting.  Work towards creating specific goals and targets to hit. This will make life online much easier. For example, if you want to boost your engagement, sit down and plan for it. Here are questions to ask:

  • How many times a week do I need to post and what?

  • How many comments do I want to get and who should I be talking to in order to gain contacts?

These are questions that might occur when narrowing down the goals for what you want your social media venture to look like.

2.Educate yourself on demands and become an expert.

The first tip is really general and applies to extroverts and introverts alike, but this one is different. Unlike extroverts, introverts have a much harder time communicating with people, initiating conversation and maintaining it. As a result, they need to put in twice the amount of effort to succeed in those areas. The key to not failing in that regard, is to educate yourself (in this case about social media) so that you feel comfortable with the knowledge of your work demands.

For example, if an introvert is leading an online business and struggling with interactive communication, they would benefit from taking a course on online communication tips, conversation starters and engagers etc. Taking the first step to secure your learning curve is one of the best steps to improve. Once you have the basic knowledge and ideas down, you can work on making it an area of expertise and the only way you can do that is through practice!

3.Crafting a routine and sticking to it.

In order to succeed, business owners need to know what they are doing and be good at it. In other words, they need to become an expert through practice. For example: If someone wants to master Facebook live videos weekly, they will need to practice consistently. Practice requires consistency, a concept that means repeating a task over and over again until you master it! Having your tasks sorted into a routine makes them much easier to maintain and allows you to keep building on the progress.

As an introvert, it’s important to improve and work on communication skills. In the online world, that consists of engagement, meaningful interactions and reaching out to community partners. To master communication , stick to a routine and incorporate it into your strategy. Having a scheduled interaction time would be incredibly useful. It encourages the business owner to allocate time to interact/communicate to drive up engagement. In addition, it hold the business accountable and mentally prepared where they are reminded to use that time for what it’s meant for.

4.Reminding yourself of the benefits of pushing past your boundaries.

Don’t forget to give yourself a “pat on the back” for stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s really easy as an introvert to get overwhelmed or feel like the work being put in is not good enough. This is why it’s important to consciously remind yourself that moving out of your comfort zone can be rewarding. In addition, it’s impacting your business positively! Whether that’s applauding your comments becoming more interactive or receiving more responses in terms of engagement, no efforts are in vain and as long as you keep pushing yourself to reach your desired vision all the while staying healthy, you should be in for quite a good business run as an introvert!

From one introvert to another introvert, you’re invited to book a discovery call to work on your social media strategy and navigate social media as an introvert. Contact us here!

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