It might be time for a social media spring clean!

As the leaves change colour and we start to breathe in warmer air, it becomes evident that Spring has come! With the arrival of a new season, it is typical of us to clean out and reorganize important things in life such as our closets, cars and homes! Why not clean up our social media pages too? If that sounds appealing to you, scroll down for some tips for a Social Media Spring Clean!

1.Review business profile details

This is a very important tip to consider because it allows you to revamp the place where people make their first impressions of you. This includes your bio description, website links, as well as your brand message/logo. Given that these are aspects that prospective clients look at, it is a good idea to give them a makeover. It’s important to change up your bio. Chances are, it has been the same since you created the account. Consider changing your profile picture, use relevant links and update your cover photo. Furthermore, always have a call to action in your bio description.

2.Refresh your strategy and dump out overused/old content.

As social media dependent business owners, we understand how challenging it can be to come up with fresh content. As a result, we often fall down the rabbit hole of reusing old content. Reusing content is okay but naturally, it does have a restricted shelf life. When you dive into a social media Spring clean, make a conscious effort to get rid of content that may no longer be relevant to your brand. With that, it is a good idea to take ‘spring cleaning’ time to revisit your social media strategy.

Overtime, your strategy tends to wither away and this is the perfect time to consider:

  • What platforms am I focusing on and what tools do I need to create content for them?

  • What are my goals in terms of content creation and outreach? What do I need to do in order to meet them?

These are just some thoughts that might occur, consider them to rework your strategy to the most effective version of itself!

3.Examine your brand voice and its channels.

It’s important to consider your brand ‘voice. Are you projecting it to your followers the way you perceive it in your mind? It’s perfectly normal to answer ‘no’ to that question as overtime, we tend to get so comfortable in our skin. As a result content becomes mundane and ordinary. To counter, use this time to revamp your voice and invest in innovative and trendy modes of projection. This also applies to your affiliate channels such as blogs, IGTV’s etc. if they don’t seem to be taking off the way you want them to, disengage with them and focus your attention on the channels that do work.

4.Update, update, update!

Use this time wisely to update aspects of social media that tend to get buried overtime. For example:

  • Hashtags: You will want to update your hashtags every few weeks as they are one of the primary sources of account discovery, especially on Instagram. Take the time to find new hashtags to interact with and you’ll see better results in exposure and discovery. Also, if you use the same hashtags on each post, Instagram considers it ‘spam’!

  • Platforms: You may have gone on an account creation spree once upon a time, which possibly resulted in you having a bunch of accounts that are just sitting idle. Think about what you want to do with these, either delete them or re-strategize if you’d like to keep them!

  • Followers/following list: Filter through these lists to see if you’re enjoying the accounts you are following. Do they prove knowledgeable, entertaining or useful in any way? If not, it’s okay to unfollow them. Similarly, who’s following you? Overtime, you can accumulate weird bots and trolls, be sure to filter them out to control who interacts with your content!

5.Secure your account.

Lastly, a key part of spring cleaning and revamping your accounts is securing and protecting them! Change your passwords and make a conscious effort not to reuse them. You can also enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection. Lastly, review your admin access panels and see if the information there is up to date!

If you need help with spring cleaning your social media presence, please contact us today!

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