It is no surprise that almost everyone on this planet has some form of social media, whether it be Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook or any of the other several to choose from. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use it. It is one thing to use social media as a means of communication and entertainment, however, using it as a tool to achieve specific goals and grow your brand can be tricky. This is where a Social Media Coach steps in.

A social media coach is, quite literally, someone who has the correct skills and expertise to guide/coach you into using your social media at its maximum potential. Check out some of the reasons why hiring a Social Media Coach should be your next big move:

Help you Understand Key Features

Social media is more than simply posting and liking others’ posts. There is a lot more you can achieve once you understand features such as hashtags, reels, Instagram Stories etc. Each social media platform comes with a unique set of features that can enhance your page and build your brand. Moreover, setting KPIs is also essential to track your performance and make improvements, but before you can do that, you need a coach to understand what exactly KPIs are (Key Performance Indicators) and why they are so important.

Help Build Strategy

Having a strategy in place when using social media has become extremely important nowadays. As mentioned before, setting goals and working towards achieving them would be much more effective than passively scrolling and liking posts. For example, setting a goal to gain 50 followers in one month would allow for you to focus your efforts towards analyzing what has (and has not) worked for you in the past and ensuring that your future interactions and posts are consistent with your theme and get the audience engaging.

Establishes Brand Consistency

Having consistency across your social media shows professionalism and establishes your brand as taking its business seriously. That does not necessarily mean your social media needs to be formal and minimal. In fact, it can be however you like it, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you are consistent. You do not want to post random memes about traveling on your bakery account too often. Followers want to see your business so be sure to keep them engaged and impressed! A social media coach can help you establish consistency across your channels and help you understand why it is in place.

Provides Support and Ideas

Have you ever found yourself asking what I should post next? Well you are not alone. With thousands of new posts each day, it becomes very difficult to focus on your account and come up with new content ideas. That is where a social media coach comes in (yet again!). They will help you create new content and even build a content calendar for you to follow for the month. This is beneficial because it not only informs you of the topics being addressed through your content but it also aids with the analytical portion when looking back at what worked with the followers versus what did not.

In conclusion, hiring a Social Media Coach is, undoubtedly, the right way to go, especially if you want your social media to stand out and grow your brand. So stop aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and Book Now.

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