Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum amount of time I should work with you? Can I sign up for month-to-month service?

Social media results do not happen overnight. Therefore, all services and pricing plans are based on a three-month commitment period. The three-month commitment will automatically renew for your convenience. You need to give us two-weeks written notice before the end of the term if you do not wish to renew your commitment for another three months.

How long does setup take and what does it involve?

Setup can take up to 5 business days from when we receive all of the required information from you. Our setup process involves taking a looking at your business, researching content, and creating a pool of resources that we can use to create posts that suit your need and target audience.

How does Social Media Management work?

You know you need to use social media to market your business. You know it takes time to write posts, create graphics, create a content strategy, sync the strategy with your products and services, answer questions and comments, etc. You have tried to post consistently, but it takes too much time. You realize social media is a full-time job.

You hire us. To do all the above. We write posts, create graphics, create a content strategy, sync the strategy to include the products and services you want to sell, answer questions and comments, posting consistently on the right platforms.

I don’t have time to use social. Do I still have to login and post?

Nope. Clients, rarely, if ever, go in and post once they become a client. Social Media Management services are designed so that we take over your social media accounts, and you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Of course, you can go in and post if you want to.

How often will you post on social media?

There are different packages available, each with a different minimum posting schedule. The reason being, some people just need their profiles to look active, and some people want to strategically increase their following and sell their products or services. The level of posting is different for each objective.

Do I have to provide you with content?

Yes. The more you can share recent projects, images and news with us, the more robust and effective your social media presence will be. What you provide us can be very simple. We will embellish it with additional content and create professionally written posts on your behalf.

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