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When I was starting my small business, I found social media extremely overwhelming and daunting. That’s when I reached out to Orzala Quddusi, Social Media Strategist from Make it Happen Services. I worked with Orzala one-to-one, during some social media strategy sessions to build a strategy specifically geared towards my business. I learned a lot through Orzala’s social media knowledge and expertise on how to navigate the world of social media in a way that I never thought was possible. With all that I learned from Orzala, I confidently manage my own social media and post on a regular basis. I would highly recommend Orzala if you need a social media strategy!

Linda Mendonca

Our organization recently brought Orzala in to deliver a social media workshop. I can’t say enough about the success of the event! Orzala offered expert content professionally delivered and her Q&A session was second to none! Orzala is highly skilled and yet has a wonderful way of explaining things so all levels of learners are included and able to comprehend! I highly recommend Orzala and Make It Happen Services!

Marlene Marco

Heart of Networking

I have been working with Orzala at Make it Happen Services for a few months now and can absolutely say that her work is fantastic. We meet regularly to plan our approach, we brainstorm ideas and, best of all for me, we sit and evaluate what is working, what is not and adjust. She has been one of the best investments for my business and I highly recommend her services.

Hadriana Leo

Crescendo Financial

I work in a similar industry and have referred Orzala’s services so many times I’ve lost count! I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Jill Kennedy

That’s the Idea

I have known Orzala for just over a year now and know many people who have used her services and have been extremely happy with the results. Hearing others success stories when using her business allows me to confidently refer her to those in need of her services. I highly recommend Orzala from Make it Happen Services!

Kayla Bridgeman

Keller Williams Energy Real Estate

Highly recommended service! Orzala is a social media platform whizz and can offer solutions to even the most seasoned online. Can’t thank her enough for her quick and friendly help recovering an IG account on 2 occasions when all seemed lost!

Tom Woodside

I was struggling to find the time and most effective techniques to increase our social impact on the internet especially Facebook. After partnering with Orzala, we have increased our Facebook exposure dramatically and I no longer need to find the time to post. Orzala has been great to work with while producing awesome results. I highly recommend Orzala to help grow your business!

Michelle St Germain

The Co-operators

I pride myself on being a lifelong student and today my teacher was Orzala Quddusi. Thank you Orzala for today’s Social Media strategy session. I appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Marlon Shaw

Speak and Grow Your Business

I have been working with Orzala for 3 months and I am VERY impressed with her services. She understands my business and my clients. We work very well together to offer my clients an excellent balance of information, education, options, and entertainment. Orzala works very independently and I am always confident that she is there behind the scenes looking after my best interest. My business has seen an immediate and steady growth since bringing Orzala onboard. I highly recommend her. Thank you Orzala!

Tracy Turberfield

Just Go Travel Solutions

I had the privilege of using Make It Happen Services for my company’s Instagram content and Orzala was amazing, focused and very professional! I would not hesitate to use her services again!
Steve Carter

I took Orzala’s Instagram make over workshop and loved it!
I was overwhelmed with learning a new social media platform but Orzala’s easy to follow and engaging content allowed me to approach it in small, manageable steps. She provides tasks to practice the daily material covered in the workshop. I highly recommend this course for anyone!
Patti Todd

Oils & Wellness with Patti

Orzala is the perfect person to have on your side while you are raising money for your organization. Social media is her thing and she seems to be very good at helping companies get their name out there. She has provided us with marketing, website and social media ideas that are not only creative but also deliver results. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance with how to take their online social media marketing or fundraising campaigns to the next level. She is an absolute delight to work with.

Pamela Deveaux

100 Women Who Care Ajax Whitby

Since starting our business full time in March, we have learned a tremendous amount regarding social media through your services! Orzala Quddusi you were instrumental in streamlining all of our social media pages, offering sound advice and providing a grounding effect while we were formulating our game plan! You have such a calm approach to solving issues that truly makes clients like us feel at ease. All of our social media platforms and our newsletter have grown thanks to your advice and guidance. We highly recommend you and your services to many!!! Glad we met you and now can call you a business colleague and friend!

Chef Roger

Hawley Crescent Culinary Services

Just had my first consultation with Orzala! Wow so many insights, I can’t wait to get started on making some changes. Highly recommend!

Ella Bates

How to Organize that

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